Lynn Blue has been singing since day one. Really. She came out of the womb looking for a microphone. 
At age nineteen she went on a small regional tour with Godspell, and in the 1990s she was in a band in NYC called Modesty Blaze, playing East Village dives like Spiral and Arlene Grocery.

As an advertising copywriter at Young & Rubicam and Wells, Rich Greene, Lynn wrote jingles for M&Ms, Pringles, KFC and more.

After moving to Montauk, she started singing again and performed at an on the air at Guild Hall Concert, at producer Cynthia Daniel's invitation. There, she connected with talented musicians including Joe Delia, Randolph Hudson and Klyph Black.

Her band, Lynn Blue Band, with Dave Portocarrero on guitar and vocals, and Jim Nanos on bass and vocals, is now playing live music all over the East End of Long Island at popular places like The Montauket in Montauk, Wolffer Vineyard in Bridgehampton, The Westlake Fishhouse in Montauk, Southampton’s SeptemberFest, Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor and more. The Lynn Blue Band is fortunate to mix it up and play with some of the most talented keyboard and percussionists on the East End covering Pretenders, Bob Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Aretha, Elvis Costello, Beck and what ever else strikes their fancy, in addition to performing Lynn Blue originals.

Lynn also performs duets with writer, producer Mick Hargreaves and sits in with a variety of talented local acts including Joe Delia and Mammalee Rose.

Jim Nanos grew up listening to and playing music. His mom played guitar, mostly cowboy ballads. She taught him his first two chords at age nine. He picked up a banjo and taught himself Kingston Trio tunes and other folk music, and as part of a duo, opened for Judy Collins at age 13. He moved over to rock music playing electric guitar and bass, played in high school bands and moved to LA where he worked with producer Gary Usher. (Birds, Beach Boys.) He produced the first records for LA punk band X and played with the Billy Zoom band. He returned to NY in 1989 and has played with countless local bands ever since.